Son of Maria Luisa and Ramiro Benjamin. 

Born in 1982. Raised in the border of
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico and Laredo, USA. 


Passionate storyteller and firm believer in the power of the moving image.  Since directing my first short film in 2003,
I have gone on to direct and produce a wide variety of projects from original documentary shorts to commercials to feature films. In the past ten years I have co-founded two production companies: 1910 Films in Monterrey, Mexico and MonsterFly Studios in New York City, as well as a video content platform: WANZ (We Are Not Zombies).

I’ve been fortunate enough to direct, produce and shoot in Mexico, Madrid, California, Vietnam, Cambodia, Austin, Cuba, and New York.

Nowadays, my focus is generating positive change through culture, technology, and storytelling. I am working on a freelance basis, living between Brooklyn and Mexico City.