I solve problems through storytelling


Born in 1982. Raised by María Luisa and Ramiro Benjamín in the border of Nuevo Laredo, MEX and Laredo, USA. 

Growing up I was into Radio, Painting, Martial Arts, Poetry, Sports and Movies.  I directed my first short film in 2003 and since then I'm a passionate of storytelling and the power of the moving image.

Since the start of my career have co-founded three projects; two production companies: 1910 Films in Monterrey, Mexico and MonsterFly Studios in Mexico City and New York City, and WANZ (We Are Not Zombies) a video content platform.

I have worked as a Radio host, Production Assistant, 1AD, Art Director, Photographer, Creative (whatever that means), Communications and Marketing Consultant, and have been lucky to produce, shoot and direct content in Mexico, California, Madrid, Vietnam, Austin and New York.  

Nowadays, I'm all about generating positive change  through culture, technology and storytelling.


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